Saga Minerals is a fully licensed petroleum wholesale company that is 100% Black Woman owned.

We market, sell and distribute diesel, petrol, paraffin, heavy furnace oil, jet fuel and lubricants to a diverse client base in agriculture, mining, transport, manufacturing, government and general industry. No client is too big or too small for us.

We have a team that possess all the requisite technical skills, expertise and experience that enables us to offer our customers guaranteed quality service, excellent turnaround times, guaranteed product quality and superior admin support.

We are well placed to be your preferred fuel supplier.



The South African economic and industrial landscape is in a state of constant change. In order to create a successful business, we are obligated to enable our petroleum clients and let them thrive. Saga Minerals is a forward-looking company and we understand the forces at play today and the ones on the horizon that will continue to shape our industry – we are geared to meet those challenges and overcome them in partnership with our clients. We’ve prepared for tomorrow, today. We are an agile company and we are focussed on delivering the highest possible service experience in the safest possible manner – and thereby positioning ourselves as the go-to partner of choice in the petroleum industry.



We are an environmentally responsible organization. Saga Minerals actively promotes environmental sustainability. We are a transparent company that ensures responsibility of communication throughout the project lifecycle and organizational structure to meet client needs safely, efficiently and on time.



Precision and efficiency sit at the heart of our company values. Our client’s expectations are met by way of commitment and integrity with no variation accepted regardless of the project.

grow & flourish