Our specific services include:

Pump & Tank

• Installation and removal of above and underground tanks
• Installation and repair of STP’s, Syphon/interlink system and PMA’s
• Revamping and closing of sites.
• Install lines and vents
• Unblock, earth and extend vent pipes.
• Install manual dips
• Blank and line safety provision.
• Pressure testing or lines and tanks.
• Water removal from underground tanks.
• Colour coding of tanks.
• Build bund walls.
• Pump over products, change filler & dip caps

Petroleum Products

We distribute the following Petroleum Products countrywide.
• Diesel
• Petrol
• Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO)
• Jet A1
• Illuminating Paraffin (IP)
• Aviation Gas
• Oil Lubricants
• Burner Fuels
• Light Cycle Oil (LC0)
• Parrafin wax


• Repair manholes
• Install ducting and cabling
• Remove contaminated soil
• Site closer de-installation


• Curbing of driveways
• Repairs of potholes
• Repairs of sagging pavements
• Painting of bays


• New installations
• COC’s & upgrades
• Maintenance and repairs
• Supply, installation and setup of UPS

A.T.G Installation

• All civil works
• Laying of data cables
• Installation of risers and probes
• Mounting of controllers
• Lines alteration to make space for A.T.G.


• Repair accident damaged islands
• Remove and install pumps / dispensers and safety provision
• Install crash barriers
• Remove and re-install check/clear vales/clear valve brackets and Ball vales

Steel & Structural Installation

• Installation of steel canopy structure
• Maintenance of Canopies and safety provision
• Repair or removal of steel structures
• Installation of gutters and down pipes
• Overfill detection

Safety & Environment

Our Health and Safety department focuses on the following aspects:
• Hazardous Chemical training for all staff in the petrochemical industry – an operational requirement from all oil companies
• Site risk assessment training as per industry standards
• Occupation Safety, Health and Environmental Act compliance


• Repair leaking taps
• Repair toilet sets/basins
• Unblock drains
• Repaid leaks and maintenance